Acest om a revolutionat culturismul si a aratat lumii forta incredibila pe care o poate dezvolat un corp bine antrenat. Alexander Zass I have always been fascinated by the level of strength of old- school strong men. Some of the feats that they could perform were borderline. Investigations are continuing and so far. But isometry – not a novelty in recent years. Even before the Revolution, Alexander Zass included isometric exercises in.

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Please log in to add to WorkSpaces. Strongman Alexander Zass has his strength tested with iron chains, bars and mallets. The toughest man on earth”.

Location of events unknown could be London, Pathe studio. By flexing his chest muscles he breaks the chain! He then takes and iron bar, bends it over his head and spends quite a lot of time twisting it round and curling it over, until it is a small triangle of curved iron.


Alexander Zass

Next we see Alexander lies across some metal apparatus, with just his neck and ankles supported there is zasx supporting his back.

A piece of fabric and a metal board are placed over his stomach and two men take turns to hit the board with large mallets – youch!

Alexander gets up and says to camera “Come and try your punch – good for indigestion! A man comes up and punches him alexancer times in the stomach – Alexander barely moves! Another man breaks a piece of wood over Alexander’s head from behind; Alexander just scratches his head and looks round.

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Oldtime Strongmen – Isometrics Strength

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