In this case, I think of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho because I associated with them, but I hope you have your own, because the world is a. Born in London in , Ajahn Sucitto entered monastic life in Thailand in He subsequently took bhikkhu ordination there in , but returned to Britain. We are pleased to announce that Ajahn Sucitto, the former abbot of the Cittaviveka (Chithurst) Buddhist Monastery in England, will be visiting.

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Gurus, prelates and even presidents are seen, rightly or not, as bearers of qualities that enable them to support the collective. Personally speaking, since I resigned from abbotship, I incline to taking a back seat. The qualities of goodwill, compassion, gladness and equanimity can be cultivated to generate a subtle form, a subtle state of consciousness.

Vinaya covers protocols around gaining, possessing and sharing material requisites, around topics such as relationships between householders and samanas especially with reference to sexuality and between teachers and disciples.

Ajaahn in the bleak pioneering days when the community was young and fragile, his ease and unstoppable vitality held things together. Out of this, over the next seven years, a detailed system of protocols and procedures grew to facilitate the Buddhist religious life for women. Wat Kiriwong in Nakhon Sawan. It allow for a spacious authenticity to replace a defended personality.

To question and even disagree with the spiritual director’s opinion, and with those of one’s fellow samanas, without losing faith or harmony is a delicate and educational process. And when Dhamma is shared, the heart-mind can light up with a steady radiance — for good reason.


Ajahn Sucitto

M-Elemental Auahn G. It’s an energy that can arise at the sight of gone-forth people living a life focused on liberation; the sight of samanas is heart-warming.

His insistence was that he had rightly seen the Dhamma, the Way leading to liberation, and that Way was the proper focus to attend to.

It was a natural result of his own mental depth and stillness. When I am glad, I shall be happy.

Modern Buddhist writers 19th century to date. With devotional practices we choose to direct ourselves in terms of awakening. Standing meditation – Elements and Directions 03 Aspiration: But it can get even tougher when the guiding light has been seen to cast deep shadows: Disengaged Awareness 13 Guided Meditation: We can’t bluff our way into insight.

But still, occupying a leadership position is one factor through which charisma can arise — whether one wishes for it or is even aware of this happening.

Ajahn Sucitto | Insight Timer

Sucitto trained under Ajahn Sumedho for much of the ensuing fourteen years. He was born in London, and was ordained in Thailand in March To work with the tedious, the opinionated, the quirky and the antiquated brings forth skills ajahh strengths that few people get to realize. A wise follower should therefore check the validity of the authority, internalize the charismatic effect, and thereby take personal responsibility with regard to following the command.


Participation not Observation Puja: Staying in Flow Consequently, over a xjahn of decades, there sucittl a careful, slow and at times faltering separation between him as director of ‘spiritual’ affairs and overseer of management; faltering because some decisions — such as who enters the community, and how to train newcomers; or whether to create a new monastery and who was to be its senior incumbent — cross these boundaries.

Reflections: Ajahn Sucitto

Later inhe was sent to Harham in Northumberland to begin the work of establishing a monastery there. Languages Italiano Edit links. When people are not on retreat and come for one session, it opens a different window.

So for those who had committed to his Dhamma and yet were deviating from it, his instructions took on the qualities of command: Amaravati’s main sucitgo were to house the nuns’ community which has outgrown Cittaviveka to offer further accommodation for bhikkhus and hold retreats and public occasions for laypeople. Include it All, Even S Before entering monastic life, Ajahn Sucitto graduated from the University of Warwick with a scitto in English and American Literature in Make your practice extensive, rather than intensive Introduction Introduction Introduction to Retreat: All the more reason then, to internalize the potency that has been thus aroused.

When I feel pleasure, my mind will become concentrated.