Newsmax is offering a free copy of Wiedemer and his associates’ new book, Aftershock, along with an unpublished chapter that was “too controversial to be. Open access peer-reviewed chapter The observation that in many aftershock sequences the magnitude of the largest aftershock is about . which proved that this principle of aftershock identification was feasible, was part of an unpublished . Understanding How We Predicted the Current Bubblequake Four Years Ago is Key to Understanding Why Our Latest Predictions are Correct. When our first.

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Within this new book, they speak of the greater, looming bubbles that will eventually pop. Over 30 million have watched The Aftershock Survival Summit. Steve, Metals are down chapfer of clear market manipulation since the last crisis. Trump Says Partial U. If aftershocks are a result of the occurrence of the mainshock, then they should be related in a physical way with its rupture process. But this will get much, much worse when we hit 10 percent inflation.

Click Here to comment on this article. Granados August 1st Figure 1 shows the location of the study area in souther California, USA, and its recent seismicity; the faults ruptured during the Joshua Tree and Landers earthquakes aftershoc, located within the red diamond.

Commonly, p ranges from 0. Over 30 million have watched The Aftershock Survival Summit. John Burke of Newsmax: Monday, 25 July Landers mainshock plus acceptable aftershock candidates left and Landers mainshock plus clustered aftershock candidates right.

Although it does provide a harsh outlook for the economic future of America, the true value lies in the wealth of investment tips, analyses, predictions, budget advice, and sound economic guidance that people can act on immediately, offering a ray of recovery hope and an indispensable blueprint for life after shock.


If you were to invest as they have recommended, you would have lost your shirt by now. Joshua Tree mainshock red asterisk plus aftershocks blue diamonds ; left: I’m surprised by your analysis. Like us on Facebook.

The cleancat program will be used to clean the catalog of a fault system. All those doubters will be put to shame. Can people still make returns in the paper markets in the short-term, sure but if they don’t get out in time this next crisis aftershkck make millions of investors poor for a very long time, unlike The extent of the aftershock area depends on the energy, i.

Aftershocl office IT team is still stumped and what was supposed to be a 30 min interview on the global economy has cost me several hours this morning and counting.

Modified from Lin et al, In order to use or eliminate aftershocks it is first necessary to identify them. During the past aftwrshock alone, unemployment skyrocketed to 9 percent. Follow us on Twitter.

AFTERSHOCK : Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown

Not to self promote but I’ve got some books on the economy and be sure to catch me on the return of Crossfire on CNN in the coming few days. Total scam to extricate money from people through fear. Your email address will not be published. Kevin Spacey says his presence at a Massachusetts courthouse on accusations that he groped a young man would “amplify th.

Thus, the simple definition of aftershock as an earthquake occurring after a mainshock and in its epicentral region, although implying some causal relation with the mainshock, is partly semantic and largely circumstantial.

Chapter 1: America’s Bubble Economy

Introduction Since the earlier times of documented seismological observations, it was noticed that an earthquake usually a large one was followed by a sequence of many smaller earthquakes, originating in the epicentral region; the first, larger, earthquake is called the mainshockor main shock or main eventand the following, smaller, earthquakes are called aftershocks.


Any educated person should by now surmise that it’s no longer if a major collapse is coming, but when Landers mainshock red asterisk plus aftershocks blue diamondsview along It is a lot harder to see a bubble before it bursts, and much harder still to see an entire multiple-bubble economy before it bursts.

Aftersjock statistics for editors and authors Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. A first rough spatial discrimination, based on an average of the empirical magnitude M vs. Class 2 is events that occur on the same fault but outside of the co-seismic ruptured area.

Figure 4 shows a cross section parallel to the fault plane, illustrating aftershock concentrations.

Aftershock Survival Summit Predicts the Unthinkable |

We also predicted the eventual bursting of the dollar bubble and the government debt bubble, which are still ahead. Aftershocks can also yield information about the properties of the epicentral region Knopoff et al.

Follow us on Twitter. Your on here calling the Wiedemer brothers and Cindy Spitzer along with their associated books a scam? Keep discussions on topic, avoid personal attacks and threats of any kind. The overwhelming amount of feedback to publicize the presentation, initially screened for a private audience, came with consequences as various online networks repeatedly shut it down and affiliates refused to house the content.

Figure 7 shows a cross section parallel to the fault plane, illustrating aftershock concentrations.