What Was the ADM Jabalpur Case? On 25 June , Prime Minister Indira Gandhi invoked Article and imposed a state of Emergency. Hans Raj Khanna (3 July – 25 February ) was an advocate, jurist and judge. While the Habeas Corpus case is Justice Khanna’s most celebrated ruling, .. “A.D.M. Jabalpur vs Shukla: When the Supreme Court struck down the . PETITIONER: ADDITIONAL DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, JABALPUR Vs. .. The Act in the present case is valid law and it has laid down procedure of applying the.

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In this case the four judges Chief Justice A.

So much was the greed of power that even though Justice Khanna was the next in line to become the Chief Justice, the throne was given to Justice Beg who was J. He published his autobiography, Neither Roses Nor Thorns in Imbecility of men, history teaches us, always invites the impudence of power. It is also called the Casr Corpus To Produce the Body Case because usually, this is a writ filed in a supreme court when someone is arrested.

A constitution is not a parchment of paper, it is a way of life and has to be lived up to. Retrieved from ” https: Dhar Jyotindra Nath Dixit M.

The Arguments on behalf of the Respondent: Incomparable Court went ahead to expand the elucidation of Article 21 and acquainted Public Interest Litigation with increase open authenticity after it confronted feedback over the judgment and harm it had done.

Let us take a case where a detenu has been detained in violation of the mandatory provisions of cxse Act.

ADM Jabalpur vs Shivkant Shukla (1976) 2 SCC 521

These orders establish a temporary prohibition on any and each judicial enquiry into legitimacy of an order denying somebody of his freedom and liberty, regardless of how it began whether from an order coordinating the detainment or from an order setting out the state of his arrest. Chandrachud also said that the executive body must perform in accordance with the law passed by the parliament as it is the basic principle that all action of the executive must have law supporting its action.


Cse is significantly more extensive than the Article addm on one hand all the fundamental rights are suspended as entire according to Articlebut on the other hand Article does not suspend any rights. The verdict by the Supreme Court is said to jabxlpur the greatest incorrect judgment till date. Upon the request of Indira Gandhi to the then President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, an emergency was declared on June 26, under clause 1 of article of the constitution of India.

This particular case became an example of how four most able and experienced judges of the apex court of the country made a blunder under the wrong caase of the wrong person. Beg ccase the behest of the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhidespite being the senior-most judge in the Supreme Court and as a result of this, he promptly resigned from the court.

He was highly active with it, taking international arbitrations into his early nineties. Srinivasan George Sudarshan M. Bhagwati expressed remorse by saying: The nexus amongst State and Executive is flawed and the impact of suspension of such rights will emerge in the form of additional energy in the hands of the legislature which may formulate laws against the fundamental rights.

ADM Jabalpur vs Shivkant Shukla () 2 SCC – Case Summary

Chandrachud will be happy and proud today. It was the darkest hour of Indian judiciary which jabalpuur at the very heart of fundamental rights. Justice Beg even went on to observe: Fascinatingly, at the same time, the case is also a dark spot in the legal system and the judiciary. On June 27the exercise of power given by Clause 1 of Article of the constitution were enforced on the people of India and the foreigners, within the right to approach the court to enforce Article cxse right to equalityArticle 21 and Article 22 prevention against detention in certain casesWhich are also available jabalpyr foreigner and all the proceeding that was pending related to above- mentioned article will remain suspended for the period of Emergency.


The factual background of the case was that on June 26 ththe President of India under clause 1 of Article of the Indian Constitution declared a state of emergency citing reasons of internal disturbances. Therefore, the state need not furnish the reason for dentation.

The preventative detention led to filing of several writ petitions all over the country. Jabwlpur the time when Emergency was proclaimed, this writ was not considered as a fundamental right under article 21 remained suspended.

Also, he denied jabbalpur article 21 is not the sole repository of right to life and personal liberty even in absence of article 21 in the constitution the state cannot deprive a person from his right to life and personal liberty as this formulates the basic postulate of a civilized society.

Hans Raj Khanna

Most of the high court gave their judgement in favour of these petitions which compelled Indira Gandhi Government to approach Supreme Court csse this issue and which became Additional District Magistrate Jabalpur V. The family hailed from a trading tradition, but Hans’s father had become a leading lawyer and later, the mayor of Amritsar.

In ADM Jabalpur, the issue before the Supreme Court was whether an order issued by the President under Article 1 of the Qdm suspends jabqlpur right of arm person to move any Court for the enforcement of the right to personal liberty under Article 21 upon being detained under a law providing for preventive detention.

During the proclamation of emergency article 21 only loses the procedural power but the substantive power of this article is very fundamental and the State does not have the power to deprive any person life and liberty without the authority of law.

Striking a discordant note in the privacy judgment pronounced today, his son Justice D. Inthe speaker was K. After completing his schooling from D.