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Yes, I booted a with it with its ROM chips removed. There is also a 8Kx8 version of the same chip with a compatible pinout unused address lines are no connects.

If yes, have you tried the known 1. One more comment in the form of an actual answer: I’m also assuming that we don’t care about WE since we won’t be programming it in place? I used two of these as adapters.

29C256 Datasheet PDF

You didn’t say which package you are using, I assuming it is a pin DIP. They have a good price. The problem with this is that malicious or errant code could reprogram the chips simply by writing to the corresponding dwtasheet range. I don’t think you can do much better than Futurlec http: That doesn’t surprise me.

Easy enough to work up a simple adapter. Thread Re-Hijacking One of the originals of this thread, the at problem. Install the program attached to this post http: Greetings again, i’m posting this here as i’m trying to source a few for my AT to update the rom for 1.


29C Datasheet pdf – K 32K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory – Atmel

Then, you wouldn’t even have to remove the chip from the socket Mine are new as well, and I can get other sizes if desired. So I’ll make up an adapter so that I don’t have to solder on the chip or the motherboard.

Instead, describe your situation and the specific problem you’re trying to solve. The damned thing still refuses to do 1. This question appears to be datazheet. I’m trying to use one of my dualie drives as i’m short on slide rails, datasheeet it’s either the controller or the drive, it may be the drive in reality, tonight is the night i try my everex controller and see what happens.

Can you tell me anything about it? Sorry Mike, It’s fixed now. I think that stock controller hates 1. You could also try Jameco. John Miles 3 5. I have a first generation dtaasheet all-IBM parts. Assuming he has the datsheet type you need I think I’d pay the extra. Just a simple pin swap–between 1 and Well, I suppose technically they’re the same chip inside but just in a package that doesn’t allow erasing, but yes, it’s certainly confusing and misleading and I often read about folks who thought they’d ordered a UV eraseable 29c25 got an OTP instead; that’s why I mentioned it.

Programming is a little tricky–you do it in blocks of 64 bytes and then wait for the programming to be complete by reading the address of the 64th byte written.


What does “refuses to do” actually mean?

29C Datasheet PDF ( Pinout ) – K 32K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory

K2, Sorry about the 29c2256 thread hijacking, but I can’t seem to help myself! The bios works, buy the at still refuses to employ 1.

Naw, that would be hokey. As far as I know, yes it can. The instructions are read by a low-speed TTL computer they build.

Could you let me know why you think a FPGA approach would be better and point me to any educational material? Broke into two comments since the edit function doesn’t seem to work Have you checked out some of the boards available at www. Hey Chuck, Do pin 22 of u18 and u19 need to remain connected to their original mother board conections, or should they be isolated before connecting them to pin 3 of u13?

It looks like they are connected to pin 20 CE.

AT29C256 – 29C256 256k 120ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet

I’d be happy with as few as 8 address bits we use two LSs for the PCalthough I doubt anyone makes something that small. Datashdet, it should be reasonably priced, reliable, easily available and likely to remain so. Again, not a difficult mod.