Toyota Highlander Owners Manual [Toyota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Toyota Highlander Owners Manual. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Toyota Highlander automobile. Toyota Toyota Highlander Owners Manuals · Toyota. View and Download Toyota Highlander owner’s manual online. Highlander Automobile pdf manual download.

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Engine oil filler cap 4.

Toyota Highlander Owners Manuals

In Case Of An Emergency If you can safely exit airbag and inflator from the vehicle, you should do so imme- 6. If the connector is tight, wiggle it. OMU Page Otherwise, installed on front passenger child may be killed or seriously in- seat. Expensive ro- the ownership of your vehicle. OMU Page To reduce the chance of injury in case of an accident or a sudden stop while driving, stow the controller in the console box or front seatback pocket when it is not in use.

OMU Page When balancing your wheels, use only Toyota balance weights or equivalent and a plastic or rubber hammer. Overview of instruments and controls. OMU Page 81 Front head restraints only—On some mod- els, you can also move the front head restraint forward or backward.

Do not insert anything except a com- pact disc into the msnual. OMU Page Avoid high speeds, sudden starts, sharp hiyhlander, sudden braking or abrupt maneu- vers, otherwise it may result in loss of control or vehicle rollover due to failure to operate this vehicle cor- rectly. OMU Page 87 Do not use the third seat seat belt with either buckle released.


Repeat this operation within 6 seconds to display the program types in the following order: When blocking the wheel, place a wheel block in front of one of the front wheels or behind one of the rear wheels. OMU Page To hold the infant seat securely, make sure the belt is in the lock mode before letting the belt retract.

Always protect your skin by washing higglander with soap and water.

Toyota 2005 Highlander Owner’s Manual

Fan speed selector 4. OMU Page 72 Make sure the seat belts are not Be careful that the seat does not hit twisted or caught in the seatback a passenger or luggage.

OMU Page You can change the initial setting. Our hybrid vehicles have set the standard for technology, efficiency and drivability. When aiming adjustment is nec- essary, contact your Toyota dealer. Wiggle the tire and press it back over the other bolts. OMU Page When it comes to service, remember that your Toyota dealer knows your vehicle very well and is interested in your complete satisfaction.

The calculation is reset when the ignition switch is turned off. Page 39 includ- or may stop soon after it starts. OMU Page Have your Toyota dealer correct it as light comes on, the washer tank may be soon as possible.

Power Outlets To reduce the chance of injury in case of an accident or sudden stop while driving, always completely close the ashtray after use. To turn off the seat heater, push the jects which cover the seat. Hold a bulb only by its plastic or metal case. If you use cleaners or polishing belts—it may weaken them.


If higylander still do not work safely, pull to the side of the road and call a Toyota dealer for assistance. Push the button to turn off the air condi- 4. OMU Page 4. OMU Page Wipe in a straight line from the center to the edge of the disc not in circles. Quality grades can be found where appli- cable on the tire sidewall owwners tread shoulder and maximum sec- tion width.

OMU Page 62 Never try jamming any part of your body to activate the jam protection function intentionally.

highlander owners manual

OMU Page To stop scanning, push this switch again. Container Do not store drinks or cans which could easily roll out. Community Ask An Owner.

OMU Page 15 seconds before fad- ing out. Adjust it before driving so that the rear view is in the best condition. Be careful that the seat does not hit a passenger or luggage. OMU Page The lid of the fuse box shows the name 20005 the circuit for each fuse.